Birding Uganda Safaris | Why Choose Us
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Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us for your Birding Safari?

There are many reasons as to why many birders travel with us.

  • We offer high-quality birdwatching trips in Uganda;
  • Our birding trips can be extended to several locations in East Africa;
  • Our birding tours are guided by the most experienced and professional local birding guides for birders;
  • Our trips are professionally planned birding holidays;
  • We offer the most competitive rates for birding safaris;
  • We can tailormake your birding trip to include other wildlife safari experinces such as gorilla trekking;
  • Even non-birding partners on selected trips are well catered for.

The following elements have made us a sucessful and most competent speciality tour operator in East Africa

Our Mission

To promote birding and the understanding of their habitats by local communities and our clientele which will later lead to their appreciation and conservation.

To be the undisputed leader in agitating for birds and their habitat conservation while involving the local communities as we promote the understanding and appreciation of these interesting creatures in theĀ  travel business with a dedication to providing quality adventure services, guiding, tour planning and accommodation reservation to a selected range of customers with the concern of the environment and the local communities, wherever our birding tours are conducted coupled with the safety of our clients.

Core Values
The four guiding principles below represent the key nucleus values that we shall continuously nurture and uphold for the entire operation and success of the company.

Open Mindedness

  • We shall listen actively, communicate openly and value feedback.
  • We shall be open and honest in our dealings and foster a climate of trust and support to all we are entrusted to serve and those who serve us.
  • We shall encourage creativity and constantly challenge the status quo.
  • We aim at operating across functions and boundaries and involve all our stakeholders.

Strength in Diversity

  • We shall seek ideas and accept input from a range of birding sources around the globe.
  • We shall recognise and value individual abilities and utilise these in improving team contribution towards the success of our birding entourage.
  • We shall foster a diverse workforce from around the globe given the abilities of the company.
  • We shall highly believe in the contribution that people can make and invest in the best.

Freedom through Responsibility

  • We shall provide our people with accountability, responsibility and the resources they need, where the situation warrants it.
  • We shall actively encourage exposure to our people to reach their full potential.
  • We shall provide role clarity, set and maintain standards.

Innovative Spirit

  • We shall encourage an innovative or creative environment.
  • We shall celebrate and reward the success of all our stakeholders accordingly.
  • We shall constantly challenge the way we do things for the better.