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Our Team

At Birding Journeys Uganda, we strive to employ competent and professional tour guides who can offer the best service. Uganda Birding SafarisAll our tour guides are trained to offer you the most captivating and informative Safari experience. They are expert game trackers with extensive knowledge about different cultures, wildlife, geography of the countries, as well as an insightful awareness of the people and their history wherever you pass all these led by Paul Tamwenya a core member of the Uganda Bird Guides Club, a Bird Guide/ Tourist Guide Trainer in Uganda.

Meet Our Tour Leader, Paul Tamwenya

He holds a bachelors degree in tourism management from Makerere University and is a founder member and chairman of the Uganda Cultural Guides Club, Editor Uganda Birding Association. Paul was born in Eastern Uganda near the foothills of Mountain Elgon National Park. He grew up accompanying the grandfather who was a great hunter of birds, small mammals and big rodents. Something that prepared him for the lifetime job he nurtures. Paul has developed effective and efficient leadership and teamwork skills, is punctual and is always keen to learn and share with his clients. He has led both cultural and wildlife tours around Uganda, Rwanda, Northern Tanzania and Southern Kenya. Paul has done various courses and has a Certificate in Cultural tourism Guiding, Bird Guiding and a Certificate in Advanced Motoring Techniques for Tourist Drivers. He is the Chairman of the Uganda Cultural Guides Club (UCGC) and the Editor of the Uganda Birding Association (UBA).

Paul is an Ordinary Member with Africa Birding Club and NatureUganda – a national membership NGO working to promote the understanding, appreciation and conservation of nature in Uganda which is the East African Natural History Society and a Member of the Uganda Safari Guides Association (USAGA), Uganda Bird Guides Club (UBGC), Uganda Cultural Guides Club (UCGC) and Uganda Tourist Driver Guides Club (UTDGC) and he heads two sites where common birds are monitored through Nature Uganda courtesy of Birdlife International.

We have gained remarkable reputation in the industry. We ensure the highest quality of service throughout your safari. Our mission is, to bring Africa with all its wildlife, landscapes and cultures closer to you and make this an experience to be told always admired and to be done again and again!!!!.

For further questions please feel free to contact us, we help you with expert and informed travel advice, whether you are a first time holiday maker or experienced. Send us an e-mail
We hope to welcome you soon to these stunning destinations! Tell your friends about us and come see for yourself!!!