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About Us

We thank you very much for visiting our website, and we welcome you to Birding Journeys Uganda! We are a fully registered company, independent and privately owned, founded by experienced members of the travel industry with a wide range of services including cultural (community), game, primate and in general eco-tours but with a very big bias in birding safaris.

We make you experience the unforgettable exclusive African safaris where none can match the sheer range of scenery and landscapes found in the chosen destinations of our safaris, coupled with a great variety and concentration of wildlife and birds. These are birding destinations of contrasts, a land where anything is achievable, hospitality only limited by your imagination.

The drive as you leave the cities epitomizes everything – the verdant tropical vegetation, colourful clothing of the people within the local community blending with certain bird plumages, bearing fruit markets, smiling and surprised faces, flashes of exotic birdlife and primates lounging in the canopies is only within what we offer.

We also offer our clientele tailor-made safaris to suit individual and/or group interests. If therefore you do not find one that meets your requirement, please send us an e-mail telling us your ideas, time you have, budget and we will work together to design your dream African safari. Come and join us for the best, memorable and lifetime birding safaris / expeditions in Uganda and certain African Birding destinations and while doing these tours we advise that you give us attention to preferred mode of transportation, parks and areas of interest, levels of accommodation, budget, safari duration, group size, and activities of interest.

What makes us different from other tour operators is our hard work and dedication by the entire staff. We pay particular attention to detail and offer very personalized service both during the planning period to arrival and completion of your safari, which has earned us great references as evidenced from our past clients.

We have gained remarkable reputation in the industry. We ensure the highest quality of service throughout your safari. Our mission is, to bring Africa with all its wildlife, landscapes and cultures closer to you and make this an experience to be told always admired and to be done again and again!!!!.

For further questions please feel free to contact us, we help you with expert and informed travel advice, whether you are a first time holiday maker or experienced. Send us an e-mail

We hope to welcome you soon to these stunning destinations! Tell your friends about us and come see for yourself!!!

Our Mission

To promote birding and the understanding of their habitats by local communities and our clientele which will later lead to their appreciation and conservation.

Our Vision

To be the undisputed leader in agitating for birds and their habitat conservation while involving the local communities as we promote the understanding and appreciation of these interesting creatures in theĀ  travel business with a dedication to providing quality adventure services, guiding, tour planning and accommodation reservation to a selected range of customers with the concern of the environment and the local communities, wherever our birding tours are conducted coupled with the safety of our clients.